Sunday, 12 April 2015

Another take on S&M - congenital malformations

It did not take a long time after the Alaska hoax, Janette Sherman and Joseph Mangano (S&M) are back again, this time with a peer reviewed article, published on 19 March 2015. As we shall see this is not such an impressive feat.

In summary, here are a few interesting details that will be discussed in this text:

  1. They cherry-pick data in order to claim a 13% increase in congenital malformations after Fukushima, when looking at the five US states that border to the Pacific Ocean (Alaska, Hawaii, Washington, Oregon, and California). A look at the available data for the time period 2007-2013 clearly shows a different story.
  2. They use measured data for gross beta activity, trying to claim that the increased levels after Fukushima would lead to the increase in congenital malformations. A look at their data shows that the levels of radioactivity are ridiculously low, even when taking into account the increase after Fukushima.
  3. It is the third time they get something published in Open Journal of Pediatrics (OJPed). After an inquiry it turns out that this journal has no functioning peer review process and is neither fulfilling its own code of ethics, nor the code of conduct set up by COPE (Committee for publication ethics).

If this is enough for you, then you can happily stop reading. If you want the long and boring details you can continue.
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